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Buy A Fixer Upper Home in Cupertino

Get The Help of an Cupetino Real Estate Agent.  In this day and age we fee that we can do everything ourselves. Afterall, you can learn how to repair hardwood floors, install new floor tile, and even repair plumbing by watching instructional videos and TV shows. This may be true, however, when it comes down to actually doing the work. Ask yourself one questions: Will you do the work? Many buyers have the desire, the know-how, and still fail to find time to fix their homes.

Choose a Cupertino real estate agent. A smart agent will help you assess the fixer home that you plan on purchasing and give you their thoughts. This can be very valuable to the potential buyer because the real estate agent sees homes every day. They see the "before" and the "after." Enlist the help of a good Cupertino real estate agent.

Compare Similar Homes and Work The Numbers. Do the math and figure out if it is worth buying. If you see a home that is selling for $800,000 in Cupertino and it's totally fixed up and looking great. Is it a better deal than a home that's only selling for $699,000 and needs some foundation work, a new roof and has major deferred maintenance. Let's of course, assume that everything else is equal (ie.the square feet of the home, the lot size, the direction that the sun enters the kitchen,etc). What if the fixer upper home can be made to look like the fixed up home with $100,000? Keep in mind the days that you won't be able to move in to your home and have to rent somewhere else.You are paying out double payments each month - mortgage payments and rental payments. What about the time it will take to actually do the repairs? You say you'll do it yourself. OK, what will you do for income, you still have to work somewhere, don't you? The fact of the matter is unless you get a really good deal on the "fixer upper" home, it really may only apprear to be a good deal. Do the Math. Pencil it out! But most important get the help of a Cupertino real estate agent that knows the values of the homes in the area.

If you need the assistance of an expert Cupertino Realtor, call (408) 460-8401.

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